Office Space:                4480 Sq Ft

Engineering:                  2240 Sq Ft


Production:                   27,000 Sq Ft

Receiving:                     1200 Sq Ft

Inside Storage:              800 Sq Ft

Yard Storage:               11 Acres


Union Affiliate:              None



     Max. Shipping Weight:           500,000 Lbs

     Max Shipping Dimensions      13' x 17' x 60'


Fabrication Bay:

            400' Lg x 60' Wide x 25' Under Hook


Shipping Facilities:

            Rail:      Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railroad

            Air:       Tulsa International Airport

            Truck:  All Major Carriers

            Water:  Tulsa Port of Catoosa


Authorized ASME Code Stamps:

            "U"   -  ASME Sect VIII div 1

            "S"   -   ASME Sect I

            "R"   -   National Board "Repair"

            "NB" -  "Authorization to Register"


Authorized ASME Insurance Agency:

            OneBeacon America Insurance


Welding Process:

            Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)

            Submerged Arc (SAW)

            Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW)

            Flux-Cored Arc (FCAW)


Fabricated Thickness:

            Up to 8" - Carbon & Alloy